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Marcels Watch Group

Marcels Watch Group was founded in 2013. However, the creators of Marcels Watch Group have been active in the watch market since the 2005. Together the combined experience of high end watches is more than 30 years within different areas.

It all began with the search for the perfect pocket watch, a search that will never be finished. As the number of pocket watches purchased increased the space for storing them shrunk. Some of the lovely time pieces had to be uttered. Thus, Marcels Watch Group was created. 

Today Marcels Watch Group deliver vintage and new luxury watches all over the globe. Customers have been pleased all from the very north of Sweden to the very far away as Australia, USA and Asia. 

As time changes the time pieces of quality and elegance stay timeless. Our mission is to provide the world with watches in all forms and from all times with a consistently high quality of experience, a quality that is to be matched by the brands we provide. 

The ambition is to deliver any watch you as a customer search for. As we know how hard it is to find that very special time piece you really want, we will do all in our power to provide you with the very watch you seek. 

When we look back, our story, our work and our products have shown us the way. Watches from high end manufacturers have always been timeless, those pieces of history, already written or to become the history for coming generation, are to be used no matter what era of time we are in. 

Our modern wrist watches that can make you fly as well as our manual winding pocket watches with rough traces of usage are both keeping time perfectly. Our vision is, and has always been to make sure all timepieces regardless from when they were manufactured, are made available at the best possible condition for the audience that share our love for timeless pieces of history.


Marcels Watch Group

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41113 Göteborg

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